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Shalom everyone,

My name is Amihai Bannett from the Jewish Agency's School Twinning Network.

We just experienced our second air raid siren in Jerusalem about an hour ago and we got a "taste" of what our brothers and sisters in the south are experiencing for the past 12 years.

I am opening this discussion in order to get ideas on what would be the best way for Jewish schools in the Diaspora to connect and strengthen schools in the southern region.

We had this idea. Please let me know what you think and please add more channels of communication.

The Jewish Agency's International School Twinning Network is calling on Jewish Day Schools around the world to virtually hug schools in Israel southern region, which is currently under fire.

The School Twinning Network will deliver the virtual messages to these schools in Israel and will encourage the Israeli schools to reply once they are back in session. Even schools that currently do not have Israeli twin schools are encouraged to participate in this program.


The "virtual hugs" could be in many forms, such as:


  1. An email from student to student
  2. A picture with students holding a sign encouraging their Israel peers.
  3. A video with a song or short blessing



Please send your “virtual hugs” via our Facebook page and visit our website to see what other schools and communities are doing (you’ll also find useful curriculum resources for Chanuka on the website).






Amihai Bannett

School Twinning Network


Jewish Agency for Israel

Tel: +972-2-6202972

Cell: +972-54-4455225




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