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Visual Tools and Music

I had a really interesting experience just a few minutes ago, finishing up putting together an Animoto video for my Educational Technology class.  Animoto prompts users to upload music, but only takes .mp3 files, and so most of my music was not compatible.  I selected the first file I came across that I thought might be appropriate, …


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Voicethread for Shared Reading

After trying out voice thread a few times, I saw a lot of potential of using voicethread for shared reading experiences in English, especially poetry.  We have an English Department meeting on Wednesday during which we are working to review our reading curriculum.  As part of this, the teachers also share ideas and brainstorm about how to fine tune their reading instruction.  Using a poem and guiding questions from each grade’s English teacher I put together short shared reading experiences…


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Social Networks: Communities, Participation, and Peering

Today's world is infused with social media networks. When discussing social networks, it is very easy for everyone, including myself, to point out the dangers of online relationships, the violation of freedom of speech, and the safety issues posed. Tapscott and Williams (2006) however, use three words to sum up the nature of social networks: "Communities, Participation, and Peering."

These three descriptions are both true and shed tremendous positive light onto social…


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Everyone benefits from visual tools

Aren’t we all visual learners? This week I learned how to use animoto.com and I have been raving about ever since. It took me under 15 minutes to make a thirty second video. It looked professional and exciting. A couple of months ago my wife made one for parshat yitro and I was blown away. It looked professional, as if it was a movie trailer. Students (and adults) learn best when engaged, especially when their eyes are engaged. The flashing colors, videos and pictures excite the mind and…


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Productivity Tools

Before reading about it, I had never thought of ways for Productivity Tools to be used for professional development. Most discussions I have had with other teachers about technology tools always focus on the students and how to enhance technology in the classroom setting. I think the point of how technology tools benefit professional development and can help foster growth for teaching methodologies byway of teacher-teacher interactions in social media networks or through Google Docs, is…


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Visual Learners

This week I was introduced to a variety of visual tools including video podcasting, screencasting, digital stories, and movie making. I was particularly intrigued by these tools as I am a visual and kinesthetic learner. I learn much better when I am presented with the information visually and when I can be hands on or creative with this information. Unfortunately, I feel that as a student most of my teachers used the lecture model of teaching. Looking back, I wish that my teachers had…


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How often should we use Wikis?

I used a Wiki for a unit in my Mitzvot class this year.  Most of the students enjoyed the unit as it was designed to answer their specific questions, as well as things I believed to be important regarding Tefillah.  Most of the unit was not based on traditional Hebrew texts that I feel are critical to improving our students skills and therefor their ability to become independent learners.  I did incorporate a small amount of Hebrew text that each student had to translate and then check the…


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Some Challenges to High-Tech Learning Adventures

I watched the below video from the ISTE conference in 2011 of a presentation by Gary Stager titled The Best Educational Ideas in the World: High-Tech Learning Adventures <…


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Twitter VS Edmodo for PLC


We have been focusing on technology for our professional development this year.  We have been blessed to have recently received a total of 225 IPads as a donation to our school.  This past week, at our professional development, Rabbi Tavi Koslowe gave an IPad 101 class to get the teachers started on how to use them in their classrooms.  As part of the presentation Rabbi Koslowe shared with the teachers a list of links that would be helpful to them in general in their classrooms and…


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Can't wait for an iPad Revolution in my classroom!

I just reviewed a videocast session at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2011 conference in Philadelphia called The iPad Revolution: Innovative Learning in the Classroom. Woah am I blown away! Camilla Gagliolo of Arlington Public Schools showed many examples of students…


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An old adage comes full circle!

“A picture is worth a thousand words; for today’s young people, the picture is all. When words matter, it is often in text messages or 140-character communiqués such as twitter.” (p. 102, Web 2.0 – How to for Educators)

            For quite a number of years I was Menahel/principal in a Yeshiva that went to an annual Holocaust presentation at a local University. Some of our community members who were survivors endowed the school with a building which housed a…


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Second Life or No Life


Listen. I am all for technology and that is why I am taking the Education and Technology course.  But trying to create this second life is preventing me from living my first life.  I would even go on to say that people that spend so much of their time in these virtual environments are trying to escape from their real lives.  But we only get one life on this planet so we should make OUR life the main purpose.  I once read an article in the Reader’s Digest which spoke about a virtual…


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The iPad Revolution ISTE

I watched the iPad Revolution from the 2011 ISTE conference  http://www.isteconference.org/ISTE/2011/program/search_results_details.php?sessionid=60700021&selection_id=71633933&rownumber=46&max=55&gopage=45.  It was one of the better…

Added by Shelley Lawrence on March 24, 2012 at 8:01pm — 2 Comments

Wiki Space

Wiki Spaces

I have been doing web quests for years in my classroom however I have not put the results on the web.  As I look at the capabilities of the wiki space it seems endless.  This is a platform that can allow the students to collaborate, post, reflect and present in the same location. I have begun using this platform but am again reluctant to put my students on line as for protection purposes.  This is probably a precaution that has already been fully protected for school use…


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Meaningful student feedback

How concrete are our high school students?  

I was recently reading about the benefits of giving more meaningful and immediate student feedback.  Obviously, that does not sound like a hard sell to make.  The more immediate and specific the feedback, the better.  However, have you ever experienced the situation where you write many comments on a student's paper, offering clear guidance for what was well done and what can be improved and yet, the student spends about 15 seconds flipping…


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Visual Tools

Visual tools are great ways to help kids participate and become engaged in lessons. In todays society, everything is on the internet. All pictures are taken on phones and bbmed, tweeted, or text around. To keep up with this new trend, visual tools can be great in the classroom! It's what kids are interested in. 

Here are two visual tools I have used:…


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The Benefits Of Using Social Media

Reasons why we should embrace social media: 

1) A survey my the Kaiser Family Foundation reported that almost 75% of Junior and High School students have at least one social media profile.

2) Keeps the students engaged, especially outside of the classroom. School is now part of the home.

3) Students can now work together with other students. The entire class can feel like one…


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Social Networks

I don’t know exactly where I stand on Social Networks. I will begin by stating that I do not have Facebook. Maybe I am the last person on the planet, but I have not caved in yet. That being said, I would be wrong to say I don’t see how they fit into the classroom. Creating an interactive lounge that students have in their homes should be a teacher’s dream. I use edmodo.com a lot for this exact reason.

However there is what to be…


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Wiki Project Management

There is a great new feature on Wikispaces that enables a teacher to have better control over timing of an assignment using Wiki's. This new project management system allows the teachers to automatically allow specific groups of students access to a Wiki project without having to turn on the Wiki manually. It can be done from the outset when you are creating the project. What a relief for a teacher not to have to worry about going back in to make it go live! Thank you…


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