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Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

While reading through Chapter 6 of "Technology Integration for Meaningful Classroom Use" (Cennamo/Ross/Ertmer), I discovered (or, better yet, re-discovered) the concept of multiple intelligences as they apply to the educational process. For those who don't have the book readily available, here is a summary: http://www.tecweb.org/styles/gardner.html

Personally, I knew about the concept of multiple intelligence,…


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Lessons on Technology Use from Shabbos

      I have always been somewhat behind the times on the technology train. My phone "only" has talk and text. I don't have facebook or twitter. I don't usually take pictures. I barely know how to use a fax machine, but I think that's ok at this point. When I want to contact someone I either call or email directly. It's the way I've been. I prefer to do things on my own, to live in the real world, to appreciate what goes on around me and to not get caught up in social networking or the…


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Edmodo Rocks!

Edmodo (http://www.edmodo.com/) is a free, safe, closed and private classroom community that brings students together.  Edmodo was founded in 2008 and as of September, 2012 it has reached a milestone of over 10-million users.  Edmodo allows teachers to create closed, safe groups that can allow students (and parents) to join their virtual classrooms.   As a technology coordinator at a Jewish day school I was so pleased to know that no private information…


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Using Twitter as a Teaching and Learning Tool

As an educator, I want to utilize   tools that allow students to maximize their ability to collaborate with people all over the world.  Twitter is a social media site that can allow students and teachers to do just that!  Whether you want your students to Tweet and respond to homework assignments, create networks with other students in the same club (i.e.:  yearbook, choir, etc.), communicate with Scientist (or other experts), and/or to engage students in current events happening around the…


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Keeping Chumash Authentic

I thoroughly enjoyed Molly Hazan’s discussion post titled “Technology and Chumash?”  (http://yu20.org/forum/topics/technology-and-chumash?xg_source=activity)

     She raises two important points. First she writes that Chumash is kodosh and traditionally learned from a Chumash. Secondly she continues, her Chumash lessons are designed to touch the heart and technology will cheapen…


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Dah Bear's Significantly Enhanced!

Legacy Heritage Fund is thrilled to announce the launch of the enhanced phase of Dah Bear, a free online tool which assists students in mastering Hebrew vocabulary. Dah Bear was released on a pilot basis at the end of the last academic year. Dah Bear contains over 1,200 word lists and is being used in the classrooms of more than 275 teachers in over 90 schools around the world.  …


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Is Technology Good for Education? - My Two Cents

The topic of the effectiveness of technology in education is one that has gotten a lot of attention, anywhere from this site to the publicity it received nationally due to the recent NY Times article. My recent parent teacher conference day led me to share my own thoughts on the matter.

In completion of my YU Partnership Ed Tech Course of 2011, I undertook to create a wiki for my 6th grade Gemara classes. The wiki contained handouts that we did in class or that were assigned…


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The Big Bang - Adventures in Cyberspace

The universe is expanding.  That’s the core of the Big Bang Theory. As the cosmos gets older, everything in it moves apart.  Not to delve too much into such esoterica like Hubbles Law, I need to affirm - אני מאמין - I'm a believer.  In the last week I experienced something akin to this phenomenon in my own universe. Let’s call it the Virtual Big Bang.


Last Wednesday I participated in the first #jedchat., organized by  …


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Social networking and the support i need

I have been privileged to be a member of YU 2.0 and YUTEACH since their respective inceptions. I love being a member of these soical networking sites because they help expose me as a jewish educator to a number of technology integrated lessons and ideas that i would never normally encounter. On YU 2.0 i found an amazing lesson plan on how to use twitter in a gemara class complete with step by step instructions on how to replicate the lesson. Now i dont teach gemara myself but i can see how to… Continue

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Seeing Is Believing

I’ve been on vacation for the past week. While we basked in the sun and surf of Florida’s west coast, I was reading a biography of the musician, Jerry Garcia. Every few pages I would come upon a reference to a song or concert and would immediately grab my smartphone to go online and look for any recordings or, even better, video of early concerts…


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Genesis Redux

“The medium, or process, of our time – electric technology – is reshaping and restructuring patterns of social interdependence and every aspect of our personal life...Everything is changing…Societies have always been shaped more by the nature of the media by which men [sic] communicate than by the content of the communications.” (Marshall McLuhan)


These prescient words were written by Marshall McLuhan in his…


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What's Torah got to do with it? Nachshon sure was brave!!

What’s Torah got to do with it?  I’m growing a whole new level of respect for Nachshon!  Here goes… I’m jumping in


Podcasts and Vodcasts have been around for a while, but might have been given a new life, as technology is rapidly integrating into education systems.  I have never experimented with creating either, but have listened to a myriad of podcasts over the years – from Car Talk to This…


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Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love Ya Tomorrow!

I had a conversation with a Rabbi recently.  He was upset because a cantorial colleague of his had decided to strike out on her own, performing “destination B’nai Mitzvah”, divorcing herself from synagogue life, and setting up private Hebrew schools in community club-houses.  He fretted that this is antithetical to the idea of community and affiliation.  He felt that to be a true part of the Jewish community, one needed to belong to a synagogue. He continued, pointing out that he knows…

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Free SMARTBoard Lessons for Jewish Education

Legacy Heritage SMARTBoard Project offers educators in Jewish day schools and supplemental schools FREE SMARTBoard lessons through its SMARTBoard Jewish Educational Database (SJED).


SJED contains a large and growing database (2,200+) of interactive SMARTBoard lessons submitted by Jewish educators from across the United States. Educators may download lessons, free of charge, in any…


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Announcing a new open source Google spreadsheet on integrating web tools into Judaic instruction and teacher training

Dear chevre and colleagues:

The Google Document spreadsheet that we have been working on for the past 10 months, https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AVHRiMW9xDMfZGRycHJnaGZfODZjdzd0czlkMg&hl=en, is now ready for your examination. This spreadsheet contains a list of web tools for Jewish educators and staff developers in these… Continue

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Answers to Open the Door

Pesach is a time for questions.


So, in the spirit of the season, I would like to ask you some.  I’ll start with one: How do Jewish educators learn to use 21st century educational technology in the Jewish classroom?  This will lead to a few more.  What follows is a survey with 15 questions (an auspicious number for Pesach). The goal of this short (5-8 minutes) questionnaire is to find some answers to the question of how and…


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Stepping Through the Door Together - Now's the Time

“I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date!”  I feel like the white rabbit.  You know, rushing hither and yon, trying to figure out how to get where I need to go without being too distracted by all the tweets, network posts, and blogs I follow; not to mention the old technologies like the printed word and emails. There is so much information available to us.  If I miss a day of twitter, I feel it’s a catastrophe.

I’m not a technical neophyte.  I sort of know what’s going on. …


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If Not Now, When - Blurring the Lines for the Future of Jewish Education

The dust is settling after the January JEA and NATE conferences.  Synagogue educators of all stripes and flavors are returning to our old haunts: Congregations and real life. A taste of what is possible still remains in our mouths, though. We need to ask: How do we keep the spirit that we felt in Mt. Laurel and Seattle, alive?  How do we move…


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From Sinai to Cyberspace - the Jewish Educators Assembly Conference Looking at Tomorrow

As I reflect on the Jewish Educators Assembly conference that just ended, the lyrics of an old song pops into my head: “There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.” It’s not that we’re clueless when it comes to us knowing what Jewish education will look like in the future; it’s just that we’re not sure in what direction we’ll be traveling.

So…maybe we are a little clueless after all.

Let me back up for a moment. The close to 200 participants at the… Continue

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