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Online courses as a graduation requirement? Could we? SHOULD we? What do you think?

Thanks to Leslie Salley, who tweeted about this...apparently, in Memphis, a place very near and dear to my heart and my hometown :) , the city (public) schools are putting place graduation requirements which include taking a certain amount of online courses. (See HERE for the article,…


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EdTech means you don't have to recreate the wheel....or the powerpoint.

In an excellent blog post by Brian Kuhn, entitled "Technology is a Game Changer for Learning," several different ideas about the necessity of using technology in education are introduced. What i found particularly powerful was a video embedded in the post, utilized to hammer home the importance of recognizing…


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Solve the Tuition Crises: Fire the Administrators? (a defense of EdTech)

Thanks to Noah Hartman, I was directed today to an opinion piece published back in November on the EJewish philanthropy blog. The article is entitled “New Thinking on the Day School Tuition Crisis,” and it talks about the very real financial…


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EdTech ENHANCES Relationships Between Teachers & Students, Which Translates Into Better Teaching

Great blog post from a great blog called "Connected Principals" which, incidentally, our own Rabbi Akevy Greenblatt (or on twitter @Akevy613 ) is a contributor to! The post is written by George Couros, a principal in Alberta, and can be read by clicking here:…


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A limit on teacher-student communication in the brave new world of technology & social media?

One of the true all-stars in my PLN (dont know what that is? Check out this post), @tomwhitby, brought this article to my attention. It comes from the Fort Worth (Texas) Star Telegram, and it is titled "State Sets Social Media Ethics Rules for Educators."

The article talks about how out there in Texas, up until now, its really…

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Setting up a PLN - Personal Learning Network. Jumping in is easier than you think.

I think one of the biggest game changers when it comes to leveraging social media and technology in general for professional development is being able to set up and benefit from a PLN - a personal learning network.

A PLN allows a person to benefit from an entire universe of connected, tech-savvy, motivated, and friendly educators. These teachers, administrators, consultants, and others are online, on twitter, blogging, etc., and they love to share.

I have personally…

Added by Dov Emerson on December 5, 2010 at 8:30am — 2 Comments

Staying connected & missing out on life? The irony of our digital devices...

I saw an interesting blog post this evening by Dave Pell, a blogger who covers technology and social media issues. In his post, he describes the excitement and anticipation of getting a good spot to view the victory parade for the San Fransisco Giants, after they recently won the World Series. He recalls thinking that he had secured a good view,… Continue

Added by Dov Emerson on December 4, 2010 at 8:30pm — 1 Comment

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