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Just Because It's on Video Doesn't Mean It's Engaging

Check out this blog post, entitled 4 Ways to Maximize Your Flipped Classroom Videos

While some of the suggestions may seem obvious, I think it is important for us to recognize that the simple act of putting content in video form (or audio, for that matter), is not enough for it to be something that students will utilize and be excited about. 

As all of us live online more and more, we become more much discerning in our choices of what to watch, and how long  (and with what degree of intensity) to pay attention. 

Think about the last time someone sent you a link to a (insert your adjective here - cute, funny, etc) YouTube video. Now, what if the video was longer than, say, 5 minutes? Did you watch the entire thing? I would venture to say that for many of us, even for a video that is truly remarkable, get antsy after a few minutes.

Back to the students - If we are trying to flip our classroom, or even utilize video or audio podcasts as supplements to the classroom lecture, etc, we need to pay attention to what is going to engage them. The good news is that our experience as teachers should serve us very well here. Just like we spend time thinking about how to make a particular lesson engaging, through the use of group exercises, engaging stories, student involvement, etc, we can and (IMHO) SHOULD do the same thing when we create our online content. 

Perhaps a couple of years ago, the simple idea of classroom material being watchable online would have been sufficient for our students. After all, the idea that something like YouTube exists was a "wow" concept just a few years back. But not anymore. Our kids, like us, are too savvy and too discerning. 

Do you agree? What did you think about the suggestions in the link? What other suggestions do find valuable when planning and producing effective online videos for your (flipped or otherwise) classroom? Please join the discussion and share your expertise!

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