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As a teacher I whole heartedly believe in modeling what is expected of my students.  That being said as a visual learner it is easier for me to see it than to hear it or write it.  When I personally process information I will not forget what I have seen.  The use of video in the classroom allows the students to be engaged in the topic at hand before moving on and creating something that shows their understanding.  I have used Jing in a Photoshop class and the students wanted to watch the video instead of listening to me who was standing in front of them.  I felt that there was another advantage to the video and that is since all students learn at different rates the video was there for them to return to as a point of reference. 

I have used Voice Thread and students enjoyed speaking into the microphone and being “on camera” and became more animated in doing so.  This also helps for the struggling writer who might be able to verbally express their thoughts but have difficulty writing their thoughts down on paper.   This gives the students another way of showing understanding of the topic.  This also speaks to the collaboration part of the project based learning model.  I do believe that different people have different strengths and by collaborating with others as shown in the real world of business the students are able to show what their strengths are and capitalize on using them instead of having to express knowledge in one way only. 

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